Combining Cindy’s extensive performing, education and science backgrounds with almost 20 years experience on the stage,  you can expect nothing less than her signature blend of comedic tales, uplifting stories & songs accompanied by powerful techniques, which will result in a confident, persuasive sales and leadership delivery. The result is a vivacious, riveting and genuinely powerful presentation!

Previous clients include MetLife, Investment News, Royal Le Page Realty, University of Toronto, Orange Coast College, Princess Margaret Hospital and thousands more.

Watch her in action:

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Topics related to boosting your presenting and influence power

Boost your Presenting Power: Keys to Optimize Your Impact

Whether you are engaged in a sales conversation, leading your team or speaking in an important meeting, how you deliver what you say will will make or break your power to convert and inspire people into action. When you effectively use your presence, speaking voice and body language, you will draw people to you and project trust, confidence and authentic power.

Influential Leadership: Inspire People into Action and Increase Results

In everything you do, you are communicating to potential clients & team members… in meetings, during sales conversations, in networking, on the phone, at the front of the room… everywhere. Knowing how to communicate what you have to say in a way that leads people to be the best self and follow through with your direction, will increase your level of influence significantly which leads to increased productivity and profits.

Story-tell to Sell: Capture Attention, Establish Credibility & Be Memorable

Too many entrepreneurs and business professionals start rattling off all their credentials to try and impress their potential buyer or they go right for the sale. Both approaches tend to turn people off. No one likes to be sold to and most people don’t buy based on credentials. People buy from people they know, like and feel connected to. In today’s day and age, delivering value and trust building are the key to developing the relationship needed to get the sale and maintain a long term client.

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Topics related to overcoming obstacles and living with disability

Living Outside the Lines: Create Extraordinary Opportunities in the Face of Challenges

What we perceive as our weaknesses and disabilities are our greatest strengths. Discover how to leverage our ‘disadvantages’ to create opportunities to grow, thrive and achieve our true greatness.

The Art of Receiving: Keys to Say Yes to Your Life

Uncover the 3 core behaviors that diminish our ability to ask for what we need, receive more and experience richer day to day interactions with others + how to fully transform them.

When Life Goes Sideways: Bold Action to Reclaim Your Life

Sometimes life hits us in the gut and everything spins out of control. Learn how to powerfully move past the pain to reclaim, redefine and rejuvenating our lives.

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