Cindy Ashton is an expert in presentation and communication skills, speaking voice, body language, content delivery and leadership presence.

How you speak on stage, interact with others and deliver your message in meetings, determines how your prospects, employees, clients, leads, audiences and co-workers perceive and respond to you.

You need confident body language to gain trust and credibility so that you can make the sale, get your employees following your direction, and have your co-workers focused on what you say.

Your speaking voice needs to be vibrant and articulate. You want people to be completely captured by what you have to say instead of tuning you out.

You need to shape your words and use storytelling in a way that drives the message home. This will get everyone on board, ready to take action and increase your conversions.

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We work with…

Executives, Managers & Other Leaders

As a prominent leader, having a powerful presence and delivery will influence others to take action on your initiatives and follow your lead. Being personable will instill the trust and credibility needed to effectively build profitable relationships, navigate crucial changes and be able to scale the business to the next level.

Sales Teams

Going beyond just knowing sales process, delivering it with magnetism and power will capture attention of potential clients, get them connected to you and activate them into action.  And understanding how to manage a variety of personalities and issues effectively will build brand integrity, likability and profitability. Artfully using your speaking voice and body language will influence how customers and leads respond to you.

Business Professionals

As a lawyer, architecture, investor, politician or other business professional, your ability to walk into a room and persuade could make the difference of millions in your annual bottom line. Being able to earn the trust of the people, project sincerity and be personable are all keys in inspiring people to take action, believe and invest in you. When you have the power to authentically influence other people, you will be able to land and negotiate in lucrative contracts, connections and visibility.

For more information, please visit our website – Your Persuasive Voice by clicking here.