Hello savvy ones! Are you sick of talk shows that are all fluff and plays on people’s fears of ‘not being enough’? Yeah, me too. I seriously don’t want to hear that we have to ‘lose weight, look younger, be a better whatever’ ever again.

My TV show #CindyUncorked is a new kind of show! We know you are amazing. On my show, we honor YOU. All of you. We talk about the stuff that no one else wants to tackle (or at least not in a real way). We go deep. This is TV with #Brains #Heart #Courage…. and a little #funny and #sass of course.

Cindy Uncorked is a hilarious, daring and intelligent show tackling very real and often controversial women’s issues.

The common theme centers around offering fresh perspectives on important issues in a raw and honest way while giving voice to the audience to ‘get uncorked’ and join in the conversation.

This goes beyond your average women’s talk show. With the heart of Oprah, humor of Ellen and the sparkle of Liza Minelli, it inspires women to courageously step up, be their best selves and leave a legacy.

30 minutes, weekly show. Watch season one at www.cindyuncorked.com/

Season 2 starts on March 7th, 2017! Watch live at www.cindyuncorked.com/live at 9 pm eastern