Your audience will experience a sparkling, informative and unforgettable event with Cindy’s signature blend of  songs, comedic tales, and uplifting stories.

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Singer, Entertainer, Emcee, Host

Expect the unexpected when Cindy takes the stage. She delivers an irresistible blend of:

  • High energy show tunes, sultry ballads & a splash of opera
  • Hilarious tales like the “The Bouquet and the Broken Nose”
  • Tear jerking stories with deeply moving messages
  • And more!

Cindy customizes every experience to fit with your brand, audience and event purpose and theme. 


The One Woman Musical Show About Rising Through Chronic Illness

Every person on this planet battles their own challenges that are quite often ‘invisible’ to others. Liberate Your Voice is a sassy, gutsy and touching musical show with songs from the Broadway stage and beyond, along with stories that share deep wisdom around how to be seen and let your voice be heard when you are navigating illness, conditions and obstacles that are unseen.  


Media at Your Event

Add that extra sizzle to your event by having the media on site. Cindy and her team can:

  • Interview your key influencers, leaders performers, speakers, attendees, sponsors and more.
  • Pump out the interviews on social media throughout your event, and even feature parts of your event on Roku, Amazon Fire and more via her TV show #CindyUncorked!
  • Boost your promotional power for your future events with the additional buzz and media they create for you.  


Interviewing 10X Grammy Winner, CeCe Winans

Keynote Speeches & Seminars

  Business Topics:

  • Speak From Your Power: Presentation Strategies to Optimize Your Impact & Drive Revenue Higher
  • Story-tell to Sell: Capture Attention, Establish Credibility & Be Memorable
  • In the Zone: Relaxation Techniques to Be a Top Presenter

Motivational and Living with Illness Topics:

  • Liberate Your Voice: How to Trust Your Power in a World That Shuts You Down
  • When Life Goes Sideways: Create Extraordinary Opportunities in the Face of Challenges
  • Living Outside the Lines: Be Seen, Heard & Achieve While Living With Invisible Illness