Cindy’s heading into the studio to record her new song, Standing Strong!

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Hello Gorgeous, Sexy,  Brave Souls!

I encourage all of you to be brave and let your voice be heard and now it’s my turn when it comes to the singing part of my career.

While I have been on stages and screens my whole life, it has been singing other people’s music.

I’ve been writing music on and off for decades but struggled with…

😌Not being good enough

😌Trying too hard to be perfect

😌Terrified of people seeing my soul

😌What I get criticized?

And the list goes on….

I am sure you can relate to all of this in some way.

The one original song I did release, Butterfly, had nearly 300,000 views on YouTube.

I should be happy, right?

While I was humbled that it really struck a chord with people, I was frustrated because it felt, vocally and musically, it wasn’t the deepest expression of what I wanted to share.

I have been writing my next album for the last 3 years.The first one, Don’t Rain on My Parade, with the exception of my song Butterfly, were all covers of show tunes and jazz standards .

This album, all original music, is about justice, human rights and getting your voice heard… and musically, closer to soul and R&B.

Back in May I decided that it was time to be brave and finally get serious about recording some music. I slowly started to make plans.

Then 3 things happened that made me so sick to my stomach that it forced me to move up my timeline  – the racist attack in the supermarket in Buffalo, innocent children being shot to death in Robb Elementary and then the overturn of Roe vs. Wade.

Like so many, I am angry, heart broken, disgusted and feeling defeated.

AND I have a voice… and so do you.

I called my dear friend Michelangelo Sosnowitz of Lemonshark Productions, and told him it was time to record.

My next call was to another dear friend, Sandra Bargman, asking her to take a look at my lyrics and work with me to complete them.

The song?

It’s called “Standing Strong” – it’s an anthem song for anyone who has felt targeted, abused or like their rights were taken away.

As part of the campaign we are building around it, YOU will have opportunities to get YOUR voice heard – from telling your own story to being in the music video and so much more.

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