Cindy’s now the host of “Making a Difference”

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Hello Gorgeous, Sexy,  Brave Souls!

Oh my word, I am so super jazzed!!  I am thrilled to announce that I am the new host of “Making a Difference” on the Daily Ad Brief.

But let me start at the beginning… 

Back in fall 2021, I had a media interview and a few hours later a man named Mike White (the executive producer at Daily Ad  Brief) called to say he was impressed by my skills and wanted to hire me as a segment host.

I LOVE interviewing people, especially because I am sooooo curious about others and the world. Of course I said YES. 

Now here is a lesson…


The day of that interview and my hosting offer, I was in the middle of a bad bout with my chronic illness. 

How could I be my best self? How could YOU be your best self on those rough days? 

I don’t believe in faking a smile but I do believe in taking the time to breathe, ground and focus on the impact I want to make.

While it wasn’t the full out, high energy me… it was the best me, in that moment. And the truth of who I am shone through. 

Same with you –  don’t force yourself to push through. Honor you and show up as your best self in that moment 

Okay back to the story. 

By January 2022, the first segment they had me hosting was called, “Marketing for Your Future.” It was fascinating learning about all the crazy new technologies including NFTs, blockchain and Web 3.0… which I still don’t get after interviewing over a 100 people 🙃. 

Fast forward to June. Given that I am all about causes and human rights, I was thrilled when I got moved to host the segment “Making a Difference.”

Here are a couple of my favorite interviews so far:

These women were prostituting themselves to feed their children… until Eldonna Fernandez worked with them to get them out of poverty and into a better life: 

Victoria Pelletier defied the odds being the first openly bisexual executive in her company & does great work with creating a workplace place where everyone belongs:


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