Cindy’s Sassy New One Woman Show, Forbidden…

by | Jan 15, 2023 | Singing, Acting | 0 comments

Hello Sexy, Gorgeous, Brave Souls!

Ever have those moments when you are tired of saying the “right” thing, sick of being politically correct and you really wish you could just say F-it, break free, and say all those things you have always wanted?

I am thrilled to announce that my new women show, Forbidden, will be debuting Fall 2023.

“Forbidden” is a gusty, hopefully hilarious and rather sassy show tackling all the things we’ve been told not to discuss and tearing apart the ways we have been silenced.

The show will feature a little bit of blues, a whole lot of soul, perhaps a show tune or two and some original songs.

Do you dare to defy the forbidden?

If so, get ready to be insanely inspired, perhaps even exhilarated, and have crazy amounts of ecstasy (interpret as you wish 😊)

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