Your voice, your ideas, your mission matter.

What you have to say deserves to be heard so you can make the impact you long to.
Which is why I love, love, love finding ways to support you to Liberate Your Voice and here they are…

Liberate Your Voice Book

How many times in your life have you…

  • Not listened to your gut feeling because it didn’t make logical sense, felt pressured to follow someone else or let your fears drive you?
  • Felt like a piece of shit or like you couldn’t achieve something, only to realize later that you had bought into someone’s else’s opinions or beliefs?
  • Been angry at yourself for compromising, having your boundaries crossed or getting your energy drained?

Liberate Your Voice will give you deep insights and strategies into how to go past the outside noise to connect with your inner wisdom and trust your power. Let your voice be heard!

Liberate Your Voice One Woman Show

Every person on this planet battles their own challenges that are quite often ‘invisible’ to others. Liberate Your Voice is a sassy, gutsy and touching musical show with songs from the Broadway stage and beyond, along with stories that share deep wisdom around how to be seen and let your voice be heard when you are navigating difficult situations and obstacles that are unseen. 

To book this show
Please contact her manager Li Hayes at:

TEDx Talk: The Art of Liberessence

What would it take to learn how to speak from your power? And why is getting your voice heard so important?

In this TEDX talk, you will learn the art, science and craft of “Liberessence” – this idea worth spreading will reveal:

✔️The science between how stress affects the ability to be a powerful and confident speaker

✔️3 communication styles that lose you power and credibility

✔️How to unlock a powerful presence that draws people in

✔️What it takes to get back to our soul’s purpose so we can speak our truth

✔️The keys to embody what you have to say, get your voice heard and speak it from your power

Speak from Your Power® Training

Most presentation training strips you of who you are with canned poses, gestures and speech effects. That’s fake. It turns people off.
It’s actually about having the courage to unlock your deepest truth, fully embody what you have to say and express that truth from a place of power..

Upcoming Album

Sometimes we get pushed beyond the edge and the beauty is that it gives us the courage to express ourselves on a deeper level. 

Truth moment…

 My whole life I have been hired to sing/perform other people’s works. 

But what is MY voice as an artist?

I’ve been writing music on and off since I was 10 years old. I took a lot of breaks because I didn’t think I was good enough and terrified of people seeing me that part of me.

Can you relate?

My first album (below) was almost all cover tunes. 

With the world spinning out of control and human rights being taken away and threatened, the time is now.

I am currently writing  music for my next album LIBERATED!

The entire album is dedicated to finding your voice and tackling some of the social issues in the world.Musically speaking, it’s far more soulful than what you normally hear me sing. 

If you want to follow the journey, please follow me on social media (icons at the top of this page) and subscribe to my newsletter (below)

In the meantime, here is my 1st album from 2006.