Liberate Your Voice

Have you ever felt invisible? And like your voice wasn’t being heard? Liberate Your Voice with Cindy Ashton is both a one woman musical show as well as a book on how to trust your power and let your voice be heard in a world that shuts us down.

Born Ready to Die…

I was born ready to die. After being born with a 20 percent chance of living, heart failure, and structural damage on the left side of my body, I had three heart surgeries, speech therapy to learn to speak and casts on my legs to help them grow out so I could walk. All the trauma to my body left me living with a lifetime of chronic pain and illness. Against all odds, I went on to perform and speak for thousands of audiences, be the award-winning TV Host of Cindy Uncorked and a presentation strategist. I was also featured in Inc Magazine, Forbes, ABC, NBC and more.

Every person on this planet battles their own challenges that are quite often ‘invisible’ to others. After a lifetime of learning to trust my own inner wisdom and liberate my truest voice, I am now thrilled to be sharing with you!

The One Woman Musical Show About Rising Through Chronic Illness

Every person on this planet battles their own challenges that are quite often ‘invisible’ to others. Liberate Your Voice is a sassy, gutsy and touching musical show with songs from the Broadway stage and beyond, along with stories that share deep wisdom around how to be seen and let your voice be heard when you are navigating illness, conditions and obstacles that are unseen.  


The Book

How many times in your life have you…

  • Not listened to your gut feeling because it didn’t make logical sense, felt pressured to follow someone else or let your fears drive you?
  • Felt like a piece of shit or like you couldn’t achieve something, only to realize later than you had bought into someone’s else’s opinions or beliefs?
  • Been angry at yourself for compromising, having your boundaries crossed or getting your energy drained?

Liberate Your Voice will give you deep insights and strategies into how to go past the outside noise to connect with your inner wisdom and trust your power. Let your voice be heard.