Oscar’s Party: Cindy’s the Opening Performer!

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Hello Sexy, Gorgeous, Brave Souls!
Sometimes the hardest things you do can lead you to great things. Before I get into the story…

I am thrilled to announce that I am the opening performer for Hollywood’s largest Oscar’s viewing party!!

Sir Earl Toon from Kool and the Gang is performing that night.

In addition to that, I just appeared in the Hollywood News list of over 100 celebrities who are walking the red carpet at the Oscar’s Viewing Party:
It’s an honored to be included with all these amazing talents.
How did this happen?
I’ve been performing professionally for over 25 years but this specific journey all started in 2016.
I decided to self-produce my own TV show, Cindy Uncorked – only it ended up being a flurry of crazy all at once:
📌2 of the show vendors didn’t do what they said they would = financial losses + problems with sponsors
📌When the show came out, I received soooo much criticism and hate (And I allowed that hate to hurt me deeply)
📌I was in the middle of another round of immigration when Trump came into office and made changes – which caused a bunch of delays
📌Which led to me living on the road for 9 months (since I couldn’t settle anywhere without my new paperwork)
📌I was recovering from a major surgery
It was a lot all at once.
As I was living on the road, I ended up in L.A. Feb 2017.
I saw that the Grammy’s were coming up and I decided to pitch myself to do red carpet interviews for the Grammy’s party.
I still remember sitting on the porch, legs shaking, voice cracking…. But I picked up the phone and I got a YES.
While doing my thing on the red carpet Kelly Bennett (Hollywood Publicist) spotted me.
Shortly after, she encouraged me to submit my body shaming episode for a Telly Award…. And I WON!
🏆CBS Interactive got Gold, CBS News got Silver and my little self-produced show got Bronze.
It’s a reminder to “F the haters” people. Focus on who lifts you up.
Around the same time, I was pitching the show and landed a distribution deal with a network.
Kelly got me into other Hollywood events to be a celebrity interviewer.
Fast forward to today…. My overwhelm is enormous. Grateful that the impact I am making with my work is continuing to grow… and you all know how much I have to say 😂
Remember: Sometimes, the most difficult journeys end up giving you so much in the long term.
Keep dreaming, Keep believing.


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