Welcome to Season Two!

#CindyUncorked is a sassy, gutsy and daringly provocative show. We go deep on real issues for real people. No fluff here. We are unafraid to take things to the edge, where others would be nervous to go. We are getting the world #Uncorked!

Episode One: The Ugly Side of the Self Help World 

In this episode, Cindy interviews Dana Pharant on how the self help world could be harmful to people. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp tells us how to reduce inflammation. Janet Wise explains why you need a personal brand to elevate your career. And Cindy interviews actor Marcello Thedford (Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds) at the Grammy’s after party gala by City Gala on how to be your best self!

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Episode Two: Why Clean Eating is the Worst Resolution You Can Make

In this episode, Dr. Kerri Fullerton explains why clean eating is the worst resolution you can make and what it really takes to be a healthy weight. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp explains how our devices give us ‘text neck’ and how that affects our health. Janet Wise gives us insight into why we may not be getting the promotions, even when we work hard. Cindy gets uncorked with singer Jeff Timmons from the band 98 degrees.

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Episode Three: The Truth About Living With Chronic Illness

In this episode, Jason Reid sheds lights on what it is really like to live with chronic illness and ways to find peace and balance. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp talks about adrenal exhaustion and how to deal with it. Janet Wise shares how you can sell you without selling out when it comes to your career. Anusha Dandekar, MTV VJ gets uncorked about how women can love themselves.

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Episode Four: The Real Reasons Why You Make Bad Decisions

In this episode, Bruce Fredenberg shares the three emotional states that foster poor decisions and the root of anxiety today. Janet Wise (Wise Advantages) shares why you didn’t get the interview, even when you’ve got a great resume, experience and credentials. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp explains why struggling with Estrogen Dominance is like suffering from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome. And Cindy interviews bestselling author Noah St. John and race car driver, Justin Peck.

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Episode Five: Open Relationships, Swinging and Polyamory

In this episode, Erin Findley shows us the positives and the negatives of open relationships, swinging and polyamory. Janet Wise (Wise Advantages) helps you get unstuck in your career. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp gives us the solution to weight gain after menopause.

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Episode Six: The Dangers of Female Power & Your Love Relationships

In this episode, Katy Bray and Zeb Severson share how false feminine power pushes your partner to an extreme causing an imbalance in your relationship. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp gets uncorked about how wireless technology is affecting our health. Janet Wise explains how to prepare for your next planning meeting at work so your voice is heard. Singer Lynn Rose shares a tool to help you love yourself more.

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Episode Seven: Creating a Loving Relationship with You and Your Money

In this episode, Ivy Slater gets uncorked about how to create and keep a healthy relationship with your finances. Janet Wise shares how you can sell your products and services to corporations. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp gives us insight into why skipping breakfast might actually be good for you. Plus, Cindy interviews Pro Wrestler Brooke Hogan and Author Greg Reid.

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Episode Eight: Managing Politics in the Workplace

In this episode, Dr. Andrea Payne shares the biggest challenges facing women in the workplace. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp explains what to do it your thyroid is messing with your weight. Janet Wise gives us insight into how to create a side hustle. Actress Celeste Thorson shares about staying zen & Forbes Riley, Inventor of the SpinGym has hilarious fun with Cindy.

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