Broadway & TV Stars Join Award-Winning Cindy Ashton and Brave Hearts for Broadway on Cindy Uncorked TV Show to Raise Money for The Actors Fund Starting September 1st

Welcome to Season Three!

#CindyUncorked is a sassy, gutsy and daringly provocative show. We go deep on real issues for real people. No fluff here. We are unafraid to take things to the edge, where others would be nervous to go. We are getting the world #Uncorked!

Co-hosted with Brave Hearts for Broadway

Cindy Uncorked Season 3, in collaboration with Brave Hearts for Broadway, will be filled with inspiring original music, dance, exclusive behind the scenes shots and celebrity interviews with provocative conversations on key social and cultural issues.  Get ready to meet amazing Broadway, TV & Film Personalities!

Debuting on September 1st, Cindy Uncorked will be streamed live every Tuesday at 7:03 pm (EST) for 10 weeks on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android, YouTube and Facebook through e360tv.

Some of our confirmed celebrity guests include Terron Brooks who played Eddie Kendricks in the Emmy Award winning NBC mini-series The Temptations and has performed with Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban and David Foster; Award-winning singer-songwriter Matt Cusson who has worked with Christina Aguilera, India Arie, Stevie Wonder and James Taylor; and many more…

Check back here soon for the full list!


How Season 3 is raising money for The Actors Fund…

Artists have enormous value in the world. Their works express the truths about important issues and are instigators of cultural and social change. With Covid-19 shutting down live theater, countless actors and performing artists have lost their livelihoods. All our amazing artists who will be appearing on this season of Cindy Uncorked are part of Brave Hearts of Broadway‘s movement to raise money for the Actor’s Fund. By giving them a voice on this season, we are tackling important social issues while raising awareness of the cause.   

How to Tune in!

The BEST way is to watch the livestream show every Tuesday at 7:03 pm EST from September 1st to November 3rd on our YouTube channel so you can interact and comment as the show is live. Subscribe to our YouTube here >>

You can also watch both the livestream and the replays on Roku, Apple TV, Android and Amazon Fire via the e360tv app.

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