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Virtual speaking skills are essential whether you are leading a sales conversation, having a business conversation or delivering a presentation or webinar.

In this video series, you will learn how to leverage the power of presentation when you are working both virtually and in person.

Breathing Techniques to Calm Your Nerves and Ground Yourself

Tensions, stress and panic are running high right now due to the Covid-19 outbreak. While this video is not directly about being a great presenter, it is essential to be grounded when you are interacting with others in your business. You will learn a couple of quick breathing and relaxation exercises to help you stay calm, be grounded and be able to tap into your inner wisdom.

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Elicit Responses to Build Connection – Virtual Speaking Skills

Building connection with your prospects, team, colleagues and audience is key in driving influence. One of the best ways to build that connection is by making the person or audience you are speaking to feel like they are been seen and heard. In this video, Cindy shows you two ways you can elicit responses to build real and authentic connections.

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Sitting While Presenting? Virtual Speaking Skills

When you are sitting down, you automatically take more stress in your body which often causes you to come across as meek and unconfident or overly aggressive. In this video, you will learn how to use your speaking voice effectively while sitting down so you read as confident and engaging to your listeners.

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Activate the ‘Love Drug’ to Boost Sales – Virtual Speaking Skills

Now more than ever hard sales and pushing people to buy is a BIG turn off. So WHAT is a big a turn ON? Well… in my latest video on how to be a great virtual presenter, I share about a ‘love drug’ you can stimulate to build connection, trust and the desire to work with you… and from a real and authentic place.

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How to Deliver on Camera to Be Connected and Engaging

When recording a video, all you are looking at is an empty screen. As a result, most people either look ‘dead’ on camera or they try ‘too hard’ to be animated but then come across as fake. In this video, Cindy shows you an amazing technique from the acting world to get you feeling alive, engaged and connected while being on camera and shooting your videos.

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Create an Amazing Brand Experience

With most businesses delivering more content right now, it is even harder to get noticed. In today’s video, Cindy shares how to create an amazing brand experience that will build your tribe faster. Even the smallest of businesses should be thinking about how they can

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