Cindy Ashton

Award-Winning TV Host, Singer, Actor, Entertainer, Speaker, Presentation Trainer

Meet Cindy

Your soul hurts when you feel like your voice isn’t being heard. I know this all too well from personal experience.

At 11 days old, the doctors told my parents that I had a 20% chance of living due to heart failure and damage caused to the left side of my body.

The wonders of modern surgery managed to save my life, however the multiple stays in the hospital as a small child were far from fun or empowering.

Me: “Doctor, I don’t want the residents to touch me.”
Doctor: “This is how they learn and what we do here.”

😕Living with an “invisible’ illness my whole life, I heard things like this over and over… READ MORE >> HERE

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Your audience will experience a sparkling, informative and unforgettable event with Cindy’s signature blend of  songs, comedic tales, and uplifting stories. She is also a top rated business speaker on presentation, storytelling, influence & sales.

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Over 1 Million Executives, Sales Professionals, Educators, Speakers and Business Owners have learned from Cindy how to get their voice heard so they can boost sales, create a bigger impact with their work and attract lucrative strategic partnerships.

Liberate Your Voice: The Book & The Show

Every person battles their own challenges that are quite often ‘invisible’ to others. This sassy, gutsy and touching musical show and shares deep wisdom around how to be seen and let your voice be heard when you are navigating obstacles that are unseen.