Oscar’s Gala 2024: Haute Couture, Celebrity Interviewing & Singing

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Hello Sexy, Gorgeous, Brave Souls!
I am thrilled to announce that I am flying over the pond to be a celebrity interviewer for the Oscar’s Luxury Gala!! Here is the scoop:

In addition to leading the red carpet interviews, I will be taking the stage to perform a song that is the related to the theme of my new brand, Brave Leaders Rising.

This year, I am over the moon to announce I’m going to be wearing Parisian Haute Couture at this year’s Oscar’s Luxury Gala!!!

My creative director/stylist Cindy G. Garfias and I met with fashion designer Eddie Corps Couture to find the perfect dress for me and it came down to these two dresses. Which one is your fav? And…

Here’s the scoop:
Haute Couture is the most exclusive, custom fit, high end fashion out there. I’m totally freaking out. And just so grateful.
Once my publicist Kelly Bennett and Oscar’s gala producer Samira Kazemeni confirmed I would be leading celebrity interviews on the red carpet, I knew that I wanted to have a feminine look with hints of old Hollywood.
I started posting in various ex-pat groups, asking where I could find vintage stores… and Cindy messaged me.
Cindy is a fashion editor, stylist, designer, filmmaker and so much more. We connected, hit it off and the rest is history.

Here are the 2 looks:

For the 2nd dress, if that is the one we chose, I would wear a body suit underneath… but for now you get to see me in my underwear 😁
Also, the writing on the 2nd dress says, “tu fais quoi dans la vie?”
Okay, which is your fav?


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