The European Expansion

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Hello Sexy, Gorgeous, Brave Souls!
When it’s time, it’s time and nothing can stop it. Have you ever had that experience where you’ve had signs from the universe and suddenly everything becomes crystal clear? Next thing you know, your whole life changes?
Welcome to my 2023 where I blew up my whole life and moved to Europe – specifically Paris!! And all of it was divinely orchestrated. Part of the reason is that It’s time for me expand my message and performing career beyond Canada and the US.
But it’s so much more than that…
My mom used to tell me that I would watch French television as a child. My childhood best friend tells me that I always talked about moving to Paris. I was so sick growing up that I don’t remember.

When I went to Paris for the first time in 1998, I was the happiest I had ever been in my whole life. I felt completely at home. It made perfect sense because…


After my divorce in 2002, I was seeing a therapist and we did a past life regression. Turns out I was one of the most famous Burlesque performers of the 1900’s.
Canada is an awesome country but I always knew I didn’t belong there so in 2007 I started researching work visas so I could move to Paris. I was about to start the application when…
A weird series of events led me to go on a cruise. I landed in San Diego to take the cruise and the minute I walked out of the airport and my foot hit the sidewalk, I knew I was supposed to move to California instead.
2008: I started working US immigration and moved March 4th, 2009. I said to myself at the time, “well, I can spend some winters in the south of France and visit Paris.”
But then… Multiple rounds of work visas until I finally got my green card in 2017. And one sickness and surgery after another, on top of the all the other illnesses I already lived with.
My dream of spending time in France dimmed over the years.
Aug 2022: I was walking through Manhattan and I kept hearing people speaking in French and thought “remember that dream…” And I realized that I was FINALLY past all that immigration, I had reversed my illnesses significantly and could do it.
Dec 2022 in the south of France: All month I was the happiest and healthiest I had ever been in my whole life. And for the first time in my life, I could eat whatever I wanted, stay up late and live without restrictions. After a lifetime of illness, I was finally free.
Everyone in my circle kept telling me to move here and I knew in my soul that it had been my destiny my whole life. But…
I decided to say no.
New Year’s Eve 2022 into 2023, I was staring at the Eiffel Tower and said to myself, “I have never been able to give my life in the US a real shot because I was always dealing with major obstacles. I have an amazing career and friends there, and there is nothing holding me back now from enjoying the life I created.”
I got back to NYC Jan 2023. When I walked into my apartment and saw my whiteboard with crazy amounts of positive pick me ups, I thought, “Wow, I didn’t realize how much I was struggling here.”

As the months passed, I found myself getting sicker again. I was crying often, sorting through my feelings and coming to terms with leaving 15 years of hard work and everything I had created in the US. And… the 💩 hit the fan.


The universe always gives us clues when it’s time to move on.
I got a flu that turned into bronchitis … 3 months of that was followed by 7 people in my life dying, the cockroach infestation in my home due to the guy below me, 2 floods and live wires. It was nuts.
I finally surrendered and by mid-May, I had made my final decision and flew off the Paris for 6 weeks to research and plan.
I got back in July, started French immigration and donating the majority of my possessions. I also started making massive changes in my career (which you will start seeing soon).
I moved here Oct 31st and while French bureaucracy is truly ridiculous, I am making my way through it and at peace. And once again super healthy and free.
When I reflect back on all this, I am SO grateful for my 15 years in the US. It was a necessary detour and the most important piece that brought me to my destiny. I have met some of the most remarkable humans and had opportunities that have been truly mind blowing.
And the great news is that while I now live in Paris, I can continue to fly back to see friends and clients.
BIG lessons… trust that signs and that everything unfolds as it needs to. And if something is meant for you, you will know in your soul when it’s time (and the 💩 will hit the fan to tell you too).
Wishing you all a beautiful new year!


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